Back at It

I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, I swear. I am at my kitchen table plugging away at the keyboard right now. 

The last year and half has been a doozy. Life got in the way. But I am happy to announce that there will be a new book out this spring. It is not part of the All for Love series, it is something new, but I think you will like it. Details are still being firmed up and as soon as I know, you will know.

The third book in the All for Love series is also in the works. A summer release for the as of yet untitled third book, featuring a rookie defenseman and slightly older woman who knows her way around a kitchen, and other hot things, is what we are hoping for.

I’ve developed a new found love of Twitter. You can find me there almost every day @kelseymaxwellbk

Thanks and happy reading!


I lived in the Hudson Valley for 8 years. I have lots of friends and family there and still visit frequently. The devastation is unreal.

The Cost of Doing Business


I like to write in the local coffee shop. Most of the booths have power outlets, prices are reasonable and for the most part no one bothers me. I put on my noise canceling headphones, fire up itunes and pound out the words. When I hit a wall, the people watching can be extraordinary. I have witnessed awkward first dates born of the internet, aging nerds busting out the MAGIC role playing game, farmers in barn clothes checking out the ‘newfangled’ coffee shop – characters one and all.

Last night, somewhere right around the time I wrote the phrase “…nipple clamps and dildo,” I recalled the time I saw my grandfather leaving the shop with a to-go cup in hand. Then I envisioned him sneaking up behind me for a surprise ‘how ya doing’ and reading what I was writing over my shoulder. Ahh. Ya. Talk about a mood killer.


Note to self….

Next summer, try not to have a deadline in the middle of tomato canning season.



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